Chinese Lessons in Tokyo

Chinese lessons in Tokyo

B-Chinese offers one of the most renowned intensive Chinese programs in Japan catering to both Japanese and English speakers, with courses ranging from beginners to advanced levels conducted in one- on-one or group tutoring sessions. All facilities are conveniently located within a 5 minute walk of Iidabashi, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Shinbashi, or Tokyo stations!


Since our teachers emphasize on real world communication skills, you will be becoming able to speak and read confidently, as well as understanding daily and business Chinese conversations. We devote class time to teach contemporary vocabularies, native pronunciations, and natural expressions. A variety of study aids and digital teaching materials are used to eliminate ineffective memorization.

Scheduling is flexible to best meet your availability. You can begin classes at anytime you wish soon after enrollment. Individual tutoring and group sessions are offered seven days a week, from 10am to 10pm at reasonable prices. Fees decrease with the number of lessons taken.


●Tuition for sending teachers to your chosen facilities (office, home, etc.) taught in English
★For contracts of 30 lessons or more.

  14,980 yen for 90 minutes + tax + teaching material fees + transportation fee
  19,800 yen for 120 minutes + tax + teaching material fees + transportation fee   


* Here are only sending teachers, we have much more students learning in our school.
training content
American family, 4,7,10,11 years old, beginner, intermediate Mandarin trainingprivate
Singapore students of elementary school & junior high school, intermediate Mandarin trainingprivate
French student, intermediate Mandarin trainingprivate
American executive, beginner Mandarin trainingCORNERSTONE
Austrian lawyer, beginner of Mandarin, preparation for working in BeijingSONDERHOFF & EINSEL LAW AND PATENT OFFICE
British executive, beginner Mandarin trainingCORNES & COMPANY LIMITED
English speaker, beginner Mandarin trainingFidelity management and research
English speaker, beginner Mandarin trainingROQUETTE Japan K.K.
English speaker, beginner Mandarin trainingCitigroup security


Tuition for learning in our schools(much more students)

Admission Fee: 9,000 yen


●Tuition for one-on-one learning sessions (50 minutes) taught in English
learn Chinese in Tokyo

unit price
total(Tax inc.)
15 lessons
4 months
30 lessons
8 months
60 lessons
16 months
100 lessons
2 years


●Tuition for one-on-one learning sessions (50 minutes) taught in Japanese

unit price
total(Tax inc.)
15 lessons
4 months
30 lessons
8 months
60 lessons
16 months
100 lessons
2 years


*All tuition and fees do not include study materials and aids


Chinese lesson in Tokyo   I am a business man, and I have learned Chinese for 6 months in B-Chinese.
When I came to the class for the first time, the only word I could say in Chinese was "Nihao".
I found out they are very friendly, we set up achievable goals, and they gave me careful explanation of grammar principles.
I found that Chinese is easy once you get the hang of thepronunciation.
My work keeps me very busy, but I try to keep coming at least once a week while I stay in Japan. My dream is to start a company in China, I know that day is not so far away.

Chinese lesson

While learning at our facilities, you will also enjoy interacting with fellow students from various industries such as business, law, medicine, politics, etc. who share similar interests to improve language skills, expand social horizons, and explore the benefits and opportunities available for those who can speak Chinese.
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Mon.~Fri. 10am - 10pm  Sat.~Sun., National holidays 10am - 6pm

Please contact only one of the above schools.

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